"Cain and Abel" - Episode 5

The first murder wasn't committed in some dark alley. It wasn't out of revenge for a deed done wrong. It was because Abel had given God what he asked for and Cain had not. In a field where life literally grew out of the ground, Cain ended his brother's, because he felt slighted that God wouldn't accept his offering. Sometimes, like Cain, we bring God what we consider worthy. We put our best foot forward and offer the gifts that we are most proud of, but God asks for something different. With Pastors Jim Ayers and Robb Long, Storyline Host Chanal Klingbiel investigates the first murder in the history of the world. Follow this intense story of sacrifice, jealousy, and a love greater than any other. Although sacrifices have ended, explore the text as we discover what God wants of us today as we seek to bring him our offerings.

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