"Peter's Deliverance" - Episode 3

We have all been there, helplessly trapped in a situation beyond our control. We get anxious, concerned, and we lose sight of any hope of rescue. For the Apostle Peter, it was his faith and conviction that led him into this mess, and his situation was dire. Chained between guards in a maximum-security prison, he awaited almost certain death. Friends on the outside of the prison walls could only pray. Fear for the apostle's misfortune has led them to turn to God for help. Contrasting their actions, Peter, hopelessly chained up, falls asleep. With a miracle that neither Peter nor the church first understands, God brings him out of his hopeless situation. We often focus on the situation around us, but perhaps God has allowed it in order to test our faith and display his care for us just as he did for Peter. Join host, Chantal Klingbeil, alongside guests Carl Friday and Josant Barrientos as they discuss not simply a story, but one of the Bible's most dramatic examples of rescue and faith.

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