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Some people like to cook and learning how is an important key to living healthy. After becoming a Christian, Lawrence want to share healthy cooking with others. He demonstrates how to make un-fryless chicken made from tofu and Save-Some seasoning and builds an outside growing box. In college he learned how to become proficient in the food industry with student loans. He has almost paid off those loans.




Recipe: www.hastinghisharvest.com

Frozen Tofu

Four cups of frozen blocked tofu, hand divided into chunks

¾ cup of seasoning to four cups of tofu

¾ cup of flower to four cups of tofu

½ cup of olive oil to four cups of tofu

Take frozen tofu, thaw and boil. Squeeze water from tofu add ingredients. Mix ingredients until the tofu

is covered. Add more seasoning and flower if tofu is not fully covered. Coat sheet pan with small amount

of oil, put paper on pan, spread tofu on pan. Place in oven at 350 degrees for 15 -25 minutes

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