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Lesson 7: Finding Hope in Times of Suffering

Hope Sabbath School / August 07, 2022

Episode for August 3, 2022

Bible HelpDesk / August 03, 2022

How to be a man of God. Do people die because God "needs" them? Did Adam/Eve understand death before the fall? Serving in a racially tense church. Does John 3:13 deny Elijah is in heaven?

Wake up With Hope August 2, 2022

Wake up With Hope / August 02, 2022

Wake up With Hope will surely change your day! Today we will have Hope Channel news with Kenia Reyes, health tips, our friend Elizabeth Talbot will share an encouraging message, and more. Don’t miss it!


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Hope Channel Special Offering 2022

Sharing God’s good news. Every day, God uses the global evangelistic media ministry of Hope Channel to reach thousands of viewers with the message of hope and love that comes from Him! With 68+ Hope Channels around the world broadcasting in more than 80 languages, the mission of Jesus is being fulfilled by the power of the Holy Spirit—“The harvest truly is great!” (Luke 10:2).


Ofrenda especial de Hope Channel 2022 - Español

Imagina compartir las buenas noticias del amor de Dios, llevando esperanza en más de 80 idiomas, a miles de personas de todo el mundo. Este es el trabajo de Hope Channel, el ministerio global de medios de comunicación de evangelismo de la Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día.


Oferta Especial do Canal Hope 2022 - Português

Imagine compartilhar boas-novas do amor de Deus, levando esperança em mais de 80 idiomas, a milhares de pessoas ao redor do mundo! Esse é o trabalho do Hope Channel, um ministério global de mídia evangelística da Igreja Adventista do Sétimo Dia.


The 61st General Conference Session will be held next week on June 6-11, 2022, at...


On March 27, 2022, Hope Channel International’s YouTube accounts for Hope Sabbath...


The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) has joined efforts with Hope...


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