Disclosure: The Future Declassified is an hour-long, interactive television program focusing on Bible prophecy.  Program host Shawn Boonstra answers some of the most intriguing questions about the end of time.

Death, destruction, mayhem, catastrophe – watch Hollywood’s version of the apocalypse, and that’s what you’ll get.  But can we know, with any certainty, what to expect from tomorrow?   Did ancient prophets see the day we live in, right now?  And if they did, what did they see?  What exactly is an “apocalypse?”

See how the mysteries of the Bible unfold in Disclosure: The Future Declassified.

Latest episodes

December 13, 2012

They call it the world's oldest profession, but it's also one of the oldest themes in the writings of God's prophets.

December 06, 2012

Does God ever speak directly to the human race like He did in the Bible?