Our Christian walk is a journey – a journey to higher ground."

Like any journey, the process is easier when we are fit. When preparing for marathon and triathlon races we train for months, perhaps even years. We get up early, hit the trial and push ourselves to be our potential best. We do the same when preparing for academic tests – we pull all-nighters cramming until our eyes are bleary. Do we do the same for our spiritual fitness?

We can all use a little help and encouragement when training, and who better to aid us than Dr. Barry Black?

Dr. Black has served as Chaplain of the United States Senate, since 2003 when he retired from the United States Navy having risen to the rank of rear admiral. He holds multiple Masters degrees and Doctorate, and has published an autobiography.

On Higher Ground, Dr. Black provides practical, meaningful advice on how we can prepare for higher ground. God doesn’t want us to wallow in mediocrity. He wants us to rise above the difficulties of this earth and become the person that He created us to be. Our spiritual fitness will make our journey easier – and more enjoyable. Dr. Barry Black offers insight on how to make this journey – a journey to Higher Ground.