Hope Sabbath School "FAQs"


Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Where can I find the PDF study guides?

 A.      The outlines are now attached to each individual lesson. For instance, if you would like to find the study guide on "Revelation 13", the study guide for this lesson is attached to this video. To find the study guide, click “episodes” on the side panel. After clicking the video that you wish to watch, the study guide will be located at the bottom of the page, underneath “Documents”.


Q:  Can I still download the MP4 (video) lesson? 

A.     Yes. To find the download, go to a lesson that you wish to watch. On the right column, please click on the MP4 Mobile link underneath the word “Downloads”.  Once the video loads, click on the video. A transparent bar will appear at the bottom of the video. Click on the three stacked white dots in the right hand corner of the video, then click download. The video will appear in the downloads folder on your computer or device.


Q: Where can I find the audio lesson? 

A.     On the HSS home page, please click on the Hope Sabbath School link underneath “Podcast”. Click the lesson that you would like to hear by selecting “view in iTunes” next to the audio lesson.  A message box will say “Open iTunes?”. Please select “Open iTunes”. There you will be able to select the audio lesson that you would like to listen to.


Q. Are the MP3 (audio) lessons downloadable?

A.     At this time HSS does not have a download option for MP3s (audio).


Q: Where can I find the Scripture Songs? 

A.  If you click on the Home page and then click "Scripture Songs", you will find the scripture songs and sheet music for the most recent quarters.