Forgiveness in Relationships

To watch the sermon series about forgiveness (titled “Redacted”) that sparked our discussion with Mike Speegle, lead pastor of the New Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church, click here.

Coping with Grief

In our program about Coping with Grief, our guest was Summer Porter. In 2016, her four-month-old baby daughter died from SIDS — Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. To find out more about Breelyn’s Blanket Brigade, send blanket squares or contact Summer, click here.

Monique Keene-King

The Seabrook Seventh-day Adventist Church Community Counseling Ministry, directed by our guest Monique Keene-King, provides sound spiritual and ethical counseling. They value and respect the diversity of each individual as they explore therapeutic needs. If you are interested in receiving confidential services, please complete the Counseling Services Request Form online here.

To read the feature that sparked our discussion with Monique Keene-King, click here . click here.

Columbia Union Visitor

To read the September 2013 Columbia Union Visitor cover story written by Meredith Parish Carter, click here.. In this article, she candidly chronicled her experience with the 2011 suicide of her husband and shared practical tips for moving forward.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is the nation’s leading organization bringing together people across communities and backgrounds to understand and prevent suicide, and to help heal the pain it causes. Individuals, families, and communities who have been personally touched by suicide are the moving force behind everything they do. Learn more about them here.

U.S. Dream Academy

The U.S. Dream Academy was founded by Grammy nominated gospel singer Wintley Phipps through his work with Prison Fellowship Ministries. His work with incarcerated parents identified a struggling and overlooked population—children of incarcerated parents.

The vision for the Dream Academy emerged out of a desire to break the cycle of incarceration many families experience, particularly when living in high risk communities. Today U.S. Dream Academy volunteers mentor nearly 1,000 students in their afterschool mentoring programs in high risk communities in 10 U.S. cities. To learn more visit


To download and read the February 2014 Ministry article by Roger and Kathy Hernandez that sparked our discussion, click here.

ADRA’s Really Useful Gift Catalog

Find a really useful gift to help families and children in need around the world at Your gift could help ADRA drill a well, clothe a child in winter, feed a malnourished child, protect abused women and much more.

A Parent’s Message

Carolyn LeCroy is an award-winning film and video producer and founder of The Messages Project, which has recorded and delivered more than 9,000 video messages from incarcerated parents all over the world. In 2008 Carolyn was named a CNN Hero for her efforts and advocacy.

She also authored this interactive book to act as a guide through the reunification process, and it includes worksheets that both kids and parents can complete to establish and maintain a healthy bond. Discounts are available for Departments of Corrections and related institutions, and bulk rates are also offered. A complete Table of Contents and sample pages are available to view online at:

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center opened in July 2000 as a national information and resource hub relating to all aspects of sexual violence. Its mission is to provide leadership in preventing and responding to sexual violence through collaboration, sharing and creating resources, and promoting research. Learn more about them here.

The Courage to Heal Workbook: A Guide for Women and Men Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

In this groundbreaking companion to The Courage to Heal, Laura Davis offers an inspiring, in-depth workbook that speaks to all women and men healing from the effects of child sexual abuse. The combination of checklists, writing and art projects, open-ended questions and activities expertly guides the survivor through the healing process. Order the book here: here.

Binding the Bruised Reeds

Eighty percent of all victims of domestic violence look to a pastor, priest, rabbi or other religious leader for help first. Are you informed and prepared to provide help, healing and hope? This book, authored by Karen M. Flowers and Barbara Couden Hernandez, will help your church respond effectively to various kinds of abuse, develop appropriate strategies and locate helpful resources.

The Quick Reference Guide can help you become part of a network of professional and community services available to respond to cases of family violence and child abuse and neglect. Together there is strength to bring justice, healing and hope where there was once only despair. Order the book here.

Failure is Not Final

This book, written by Pastor Roger Hernandez, examines why we fail, what lessons we can learn from failure, and how we react to failure. Order the book in English and Spanish from the Adventist Book Center online . here.

Dealing with the Death of a Child

The Compassionate Friends was founded over 40 years ago when a chaplain at the Warwickshire Hospital in England brought together two sets of grieving parents and realized that the support they gave each other was better than anything he, as a chaplain, could ever say or provide.

Meeting around a kitchen table, the Lawleys and the Hendersons were joined by a bereaved mother and the chaplain, Simon Stephens, and The Society of the Compassionate Friends was born. Today there are about 660 chapters in 30 countries. Learn more at

Help, I’m a Parent

The purpose of this resource, Help, I’m a Parent! Christian Parenting in the Real World, is to inspire and encourage you, as parents, on your journey to be the disciple-makers of your children. It was developed by Drs. Claudio and Pamela Consuegra, Directors of Family Ministries for the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Learn more at their website, Also, here’s a link to order the book and DVD set.

Give Children a Healthy Start

Dr. Nerida McKibben, a New Zealand-born Obstetrician and Gynecological surgeon, passionately enables people to achieve their greatest health potential. Wanting everyone to live life to the fullest, she integrates wholistic principles into medical treatments and procedures. Dr. McKibben knows first-hand the incredible power unleashed when her patients make healthy lifestyle choices. Learn more about her weekly program on her website,, and connect with her on Facebook.

The Kind That Can Never Change

Ron Woolsey says he was once a homosexual who overcame his addition to the gay lifestyle. The pastor, who openly shares his experience with homosexuality, now travels and speaks often about his experience. Contact him and order the book at his website:

From Sundown to Sundown: How the Keep the Sabbath and Enjoy It By May-Ellen Colon

This book is not a list of rules or do’s and don’ts. It outlines the foundation for the Sabbath and highlights 15 principles based on God’s character that Dr. Colon believes serve as the basis for this important tenet of the Seventh-day Adventist faith. Order it from AdventSource at this link.

Also, to learn more about the Seventh-day Adventist Church, please click here:


Want Clara Iuliano’s contact information and recipe for Tamale Pie? Click here.

Books on Prayer by Tamyra Horst

Author and speaker Tamyra Horst knows that true prayer is not idle repetition. Praying Like Crazy for Your Kids contains much encouragement, many prayer ideas, and journal pages to record your hopes and prayers for your family. Join in on her prayer journey as she addresses prayer ideas for the various stages of life encountered by children, prayer posture, fasting and prayer and waiting on God.

Praying Like Crazy for Your Husband examines the reasons we sometimes do, and sometimes don’t pray for our husbands as we should. Prayer changes things. It affects the lives of our husbands. It changes them; it changes us. “If your desire is to be the woman God wants you to be; if you long for a stronger more intimate marriage relationship, then start praying like crazy for your husband,” she says.

Order Tamyra Horst’s Books.

Message Magazine

This family friendly journal presents the Bible-based gospel of Jesus Christ to affect positive life change and meaningful living for today and eternity. Published six times a year by the Review and Herald Publishing Association, it shares a prophetic message and includes articles and sections focused on the family. Click here to learn more and order a subscription.