Cindy's testimony

Cindy was addicted to alcohol, drugs and gambling by 21. She maxed out credit cards and even left her young son, alone, in the middle of the night to gamble. Today, Cindy finds strength in God. He gives her the confidence and self worth she never thought she could have.

Dee’s Testimony

Smoking wasn’t a big deal for Dee. She grew up with smokers in her home. Yet she realized that she was puffing her life away. The habit isn’t gone but that hasn’t stopped her desire to quit. She’s relying on God and believes that He is working to take it away. This new relationship with Him is changing her whole life.

Evie's Testimony

Evie’s addiction to prescription medication began with her migraine headaches. She went from pills to alcohol to out-of-control. Angry about her life, Evie relied on her pills to help her through the day. Today, God has given her peace…and freedom from pills.

Juan's Testimony

Juan shares how he ran “errands” for family, only to realize years later that he was transporting drugs. These experiences led to bad choices, homelessness and the breakup of his family. Yet, he is a survivor of a bad environment.

Gerardo's Testimony

Gerardo started using drugs when he was quite young. His addictions intensified to where he used for five years straight without missing a single day. He was an addict that just couldn’t stop. But today, Gerardo is clean and just can’t stop talking about what made the difference in his recovery from drugs and alcohol.

John's Testimony

John says his parents dealt with stress by drinking. So, it wasn’t a big deal when he began to drink. Years and several life traumas later, John added prescription pills to the mix of unhealthy behaviors. His life had spiraled so low that his wife called friends over for an intervention. Today, John is clean but still wrestles with emotional baggage from his childhood and demons of addiction.

Lonny's Testimony

Lonny’s downward spiral was intensified by drug, pill and alcohol addictions. Life seemed to turn around after he entered a treatment center. Then, the clutches of addiction returned after Lonnie suffered a back injury. Hear how God transformed Lonnie’s life from the streets to a stable home and job.

Lizzie's Testimony

Raised in a good home, Lizzie wasn’t happy. She felt as if she didn’t fit in. Alcohol and drugs helped to mask those feelings of insecurity, dragging her even deeper into despair. From exotic dancing to multiple abortions to self-mutilation, Lizzie’s past is more complicated than most. Yet she’s only 20. Listen how Lizzie began to heal her heart, mind and body.

Karen's Testimony

Karen started using marijuana and alcohol in high school. She was able to hide her addictions until she heard a former addict turned pastor share his testimony in a church sermon. It was a turning point for her. Although slow, change had begun one step at a time. Karen shares how the 12 steps guided her return to God.

Nadine's Testimony

Nadine shares how childhood experiences weakened her willpower. This desire to please and avoid controversy prolonged her husband’s addictive habits. She learned to cover for him, until she began to despise him. Then a dramatic turn prompted Nadine to take action.

Rawly's Testimony

Rawly knows how difficult it can be for addict to get help. He was once an addict himself. Today, he is a treatment center administrator. Because of his experiences, Rawly understands that every addict needs unique treatment. He explains how an addict’s dependence on God is the right step in ultimate healing.

Keith's Testimony

Keith just wanted to fit in at school. Peer pressure led to experimentation, resulting in devastating cocaine addiction. He struggled to go to work and psychotic thoughts prevented him from going to sleep each night. Treatment and prayer gave him a second chance at life. Here’s Keith’s story.